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Night access code: 5566



The Super Pop self-service laundry in the downtown of Pécs at Rókusalja street 7. Open every day from 0-24. In our large washing machines, you can wash double the amount of laundry compared to an average wash at home. Be it curtains, bedding, covers, pillows, or even big plush toys, you can wash them here quickly and simply.

  • Our laundry is completely self-service and, while waiting, you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa and use our free Wi-Fi.
  • The washing and drying takes all together around one hour. Use the laundry at your own responsibility. We are not liable for damage caused in the clothes.
What we do

Why us?


Our machines are large washing and drying machines with 10kg capacity that work with special, highly efficient but gentle detergents.


Freshly washed clothes can be dried in our 10 kg capacity driers within 30 minutes. You only have to put the washed clothes inside the machine.

Environment Protection

Besides efficient and fast washing & drying, environmental protection is also very important to us. Our LG machines enable environmentally friendly washing.


  • Washing and drying are both 1000 Ft.
  • You do not need detergent or rinse for washing, they are added according to the selected washing program. Washing takes about half an hour. Please only use textiles that you have found to be machine washable.
  • Drying time is up to 40 minutes. Please note that the drying time is given, if you put too many clothes to dry, it may remain damp.
  • The payment panel gives a receipt, but if you need a VAT invoice, please contact us with your details:


1. Preparation

Check whether any keys, coins/money, tissue paper or anything else that could damage your clothes, remained in the pockets of your clothes. Then, put the laundry in the washing machine and close its door.Select the desired program.

3. Washing

Washing will start automatically. You don’t have to bother about detergents, disinfectants, or fabric softeners. These will be added automatically by our machines. The washing time will be displayed and countdown soon will start.

2. Payment

At the vending machine, select the machine you want to use and the payment method. You can pay with cash (coin and paper), ATM card or credit card. Banknotes and coins accepted by the ATM: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 HUF.

4. Drying

When washing is over, put the clothes into the dryer, select the desired temperature and, at the vending machine, the payment method. The drying time will be displayed and countdown soon will start.